Quartz Stone Grey Vein

Product Details

quartz stone grey vein

The Advantage of quartz stone grey vein:

A. high resistant to shock, compression, abrasion, and stains

there are only three natural stone harder than quartz, which are diamond, sapphire, and topaz.

Taking the Mohs Hardness into consideration, the position of quartz is 7 (the diamond is 10),

which means the quartz is more suitable for countertop than natural stone.

B. high durability

our products is not easy to wear out, and can last for decades.

C. no radiation
our products is very environmentally friendly, because it is non-radioactive.

D. maintenance-free
you don not need to use wax, sealant, spray to keep its sheen.

F. available in different colors
we offer you a wide range of colors for your choice, like black, white, red, orange, pink, etc.

G. a wide range of applications
generally used for wall, countertop, cabinet top, window sill, worktop, etc.

Standard Size of Slab

Slab Size (mm) Thickness (mm) 1*20GP
3000*1500mm 12 160pcs/20GP
3000*1400mm 15 126pcs/20GP
3000*1400mm 18 100pcs/20GP
3000*1600mm 20 98pcs/20GP
30 60pcs/20GP
Welcome customized drawings and s.

Standard size of Countertop, Island top, Bar top, Table top for Wholesalers and Contractors.

——Standard Size of Quartz Countertops

Vanity Top: 25"×22"×2cm, 31"×22"×2cm, 37"×22"×2cm, 43"×22"×2cm, 49"×22"×2cm, 55"×22"×2cm, 61"×22"×2cm, 72"×22"×2cm.
2. Kitchen Countertop: 96"×25.5"×3cm, 108"×25.5"×3cm, 96"×26"×3cm, 108"×26"×3cm, 96"×25.5"×2cm, 108"×25.5"×2cm, 96"×26"×2cm, 108"×26"×2cm.
3. Kitchen Island: 72"×36"×3cm, 96"×36"×3cm, 96"×38"×3cm, 96"×40"×3cm, 72"×36"×2cm, 96"×36"×2cm, 96"×38"×2cm, 96"×40"×2cm.
4. Countertop Peninsula: 36"×78", 39"×78", 28"×78".
5. Countertop Snack Bar: 12"×78",15"×78",98"×18",108"×18".
6. Thickness: 2cm(3/4"), 3cm(1 1/4")
(Note: Customized size is avaliable as well.)

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    After your confirmation, 15-25days/Container, guarantee quick selling in your market.

  • Quality First
    European A standard bring your customer back again and again., 20 inspectors who oversee each production stage, check piece by piece before shipment.

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    We can supply comprehensive service for you with professional production, sales, shipping and after-service team.

  • One-Stop Sourcing

    Stone Variety covers 80% from world. Processed to:
    1.Tiles & slabs
    2.Countertop & vanity tops
    3.All kinds of quartz stone products.