Starlight Quartz Stone

Starlight Quartz Stone
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starlight quartz stone

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Quartz stone details information

1.Anti-scratch with high Mohs hardness  7Mohs
2. Low water absorption  0.02%
3. Highly polished    3000grit

4. Acid-resistant and alkali-resistant

5. Temperature-resistant ,chemical-resistant

6 Leadtime  For one 20'GP one color, 15-20 working days

For one 20'GP one pure white color, 10-15 working days

For one 20GP 2~3 Colors, 20-25 working days

7:Capcity : 500square meter/ day


Main application:

1. Kitchen: Cabinet countertops, worktops, decking for kitchen walls, etc.
2. Vanity and Bathroom: vanity countertops, decking for shower room walls, dressing mirrorframes, etc.
3. Commercial applications: counter tops, walls decking, floor decking of banks, telecombusiness halls, etc
4. Dining-room: bar tops and desktops in Western- dining rooms, desktops
5. Residential application: furniture tops, teapoy, walls decking and floor decking, etc.
6. Office area: bureau and chair tops, large reception desks, etc

Surfaces and edges are well protected, padded with foamed plastics and

packed in fumigated wooden crates and reinforced by stong straps.

Features of Artificial Quartz Stone

  1. Scratch Resistance

  2. Stain Resistance

  3. High Hardness and No Deformation

  4. Colour Consistancy with High Glossiness

  5. Easy to Clean

  6. Better Acid and Alkali Resistance

  7. Good Resistance to Corrosion

  8. Thermostability

  9. Long Life

  10. Non-Radioactive, Non-Toxic

Advantages of Artificial Quartz Stone

  1. Huge color range

  2. Strength

  3. Beauty

  4. Consistency

  5. Versatility

  6. Durability

  7. Low maintenance

  8. Affordable price

Areas of Application of Artificial Quartz Stone

  1. Kitchen counter tops

  2. Bathroom vanity tops

  3. Shower stalls & tub surrounds

  4. Fireplace surrounds

  5. Interior & exterior wall cladding

  6. Flooring & stair steps

  7. Feature panels & furniture.