Engineered Stone Floor Tiles

Product Details

engineered stone floor tiles

1) more than 10 years professional factory
2) 107 countries exported
3) CE&SGS approval
4) Free samples for quality test
5) Specialized white quartz stone production line
The material we used is the best, all our products accept full inspection, samples can be provide for quality testing.

Hardness: 7 mohs, knife can't leave sctraches on it

Water absorbtion 0.02%

Flexural strength: 42.5MPa

Polished surface/ Glossiness: 3000grits

Warranty: 10 years

Certificates: CE, SGS

Some colors for referance:
Often refered to as "Engineered stone", it's man-made with natural quartz stone and resin, pigment, quartz is by far the #1 product sweeping the world right now. It's most desirable highlight is that it is 100% maintance free. No sealing, no warries! ! ! It's non-porous, twice as strong as granite and is also resistant heat, stain, and mold & mildew.
Our main market is the mid and high-end market, welcome to inquiry for your building project or your business!

Quartz Slabs, popular colors
We have about 50 colors for selection by now, If you want to learn further, please feel free to contact us now.
Widely be used for kitchen, bathroom, dining table, bathroom wall panel, wall cladding, wall tiles etc.
Home application
Countertop, vanity top, wall, table, floor, etc.
Commercial application
Reception counter, window sill, work counter for the fast food, table for the bar, floor, steps etc.

Why we choose the quartz stone used for the countertops, table tops, flooring tiles, especially for kitchen countertops?
1. Anti-depigment
Our Quartz Stone is produced by high-tech vacuum pressure, we use the 600ton pressure machine. The mineral pigment lead to its main color. It is a closely colorfast martial, which is difficult to be observed the color change by eyes.
2. Anti-Scratch
The rigidity of Quartz Stone surface is higher than ordinary irons. Normally, you can put any housewares on the countertops, the high rigidity of quartz can avoid scratch and abrasion. If it's rigidity
3. Anti-penetration
Quartz Stone containing multiple composite material and ultra fine quartz powder, it assure the material with high level non-micro-hole structure. Its water absorption rate is only 0.02%. With exceeding anti-penetration ability, obstinate splash (e. G. Tea dirt) can be easily removed in the ordinary cleaning and will not be penetrated inside the material. The dirt in the dead angle can be removed by the knife or steel wool, which other materials can not be withstood.
4. Anti-burn
Quartz crystal is the main ingredient of Quartz Stone. Quartz has high melting point material (as high as 1300). After adding a few composite materials, the surface of quartz stone still have high anti-burn ability as strong as natural stone.
5. Anticorrosive
Quartz Stone has the characteristic of strong acid & alkali resistance, which is the best among the current countertops materials. The acid & alkali in daily use can not corrode the quartz countertops.

Our Factory Located in Shuitou,Quanzhou, professinal producing quartz expericence for 11 years.
We can provide free samples for your test before bulk order, samples were cut from our big slabs, the quality is as the as the slabs you purchased from us, if the quality is different, we accept 100% return to us.
Don't hesitate to conact us for any questions of our product, price, shipping, etc.

Package and Loading
Standard  size thickness pcs pallet pcs of 20' container
All standard sizes
3000mm(3200mm)x1200(1400mm, 1500mm, 1600mm)
15mm 20 7 140
20mm 15 7 105
30mm 10 7 70

  • Function: Waterproof, Wear-Resistant, Non-Slip, Anti-Static, Acid-Resistant, Soundproof, Thermal Insulation, Antibacterial

  • Color: White

  • Usage: Household, Interior Tiles, Commercial, Outdoor, Exterior Tiles, Sports, Decoration

  • OEM: Yes

  • Grade: Top Grade or as Per Required

  • Production Time: Usually 30 Days After Get Deposit

  • Service 2: Supply The Photo of Products

  • Trademark: EAST LONG

  • Specification: 3200*1600mm, 3000*1400mm, cut to size

  • HS Code: 68101910