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artificial stone products


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As a leading manufacture specializing in quartz and granite countertops for kitchen remodeling  in China and 100% exporting  since 1997 . hope find a way to promote our trading business.

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Quartz surfacing is made from approx. 93% natural
quartz and 7% polymer resins. Overall, quartz surfacing offers the natural
beauty of quartz with twice the strength and durability of granite.
Because this man-made material is non-porous and never needs sealing
it doesn't absorb stains of foster harmful bacteria,  A superior choice for any interior surface.

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About artificial stone products:

the quartz stone countertops & vanity tops & table tops & other products

Descriptionartificial stone products
Material93% quartz powder, 5% resin and 2% pigment.
ProductsQuartz slab, quartz cut-to-size, quartz countertop, quartz island, quartz vanity top, etc.
ColorCalacatta, marble, single, double & multiple, pure, small grain particles colors, solid colors and customized colors.
SizeQuartz slab: 3000 X 1400mm, 3000 X 1600mm, 3200 X 1600mm, 3200 x 1650mm, etc.
Quartz cut-to-size: 1200mm X 1200mm, 1200mm X 800mm, 800mm X 800mm, 600 X 600mm, 600 X 300mm, 300 X 300mm, etc.
Quartz countertop: 25.5"X96", 26"X96", 25.5"X108", 26.5"X108", 28"X96", 28"X108".
Quartz island: 96"X36", 76"X36", 98"X42", 76"X42", 86"X42".
Quartz vanity top: 25"X22", 31"X22", 37"X22", 49"X22", 61"X22".
Thickness15mm, 18mm, 20mm, 30mm.
FinishSurface Finish: Polished.
Side Finish: Flat, Stright, Bevel, Bullnose, Full Bullnose, Ogee, etc.
ApplicationCounter tops, kitchen tops, bathroom vanity top, worktops, laundry, table tops, bench top, island tops, bar tops, backsplashes, shower stalls, tub surrounds ,wall tile, wall cladding, floor tile, and airport, station, shopping mall, hotel, bank, hospital.
MOQ100 Square meters
Payment TermTT, LC
Production Time15-30days

Quanstone has more than 100 quartz colors for customers.

Quartz Stone Test Certificate

Productartificial stone products
Composition93% quartz powder, 7% resin and pigment.   
Hardness7 Mohs
Temperature Resistance≥300ºC
Stain ResistanceYes
Fire ResistanceYes
Acid and Alkali ResistanceYes
Water Absorption≤0.04%
Thickness tolerance±1mm
Release of danger substances≤0.1