Pure Grey Quartz Stone Slab

Pure Grey Quartz Stone Slab
Product Details

Our History and development of Pure Grey Quartz Stone slab
KQUARTZ is located in shuitou Binhai Industrial zone, occupying an area of about 40, 000 square meters. with export department of XIAMEN QUAN STONE IMP&EXP CO.,LTD.As well as a high-tech and modern manufacturer integrating research, development and marketing of mineral-filled polymer composites to make solid surface materials, sinks, wash basin, bathtub; Quartz slab, composite granite sinks and other products. Combined with the newest internationalization flexible manufacturing system, providing various product range, different colors and design to meet customer personalized demand.
The company was founded by a team of highly qualified people with over ten years' experience in the artificial stone industry. Kquartz now is the national leader manufacturer, our advanced equipment and technology is the fundamental guarantee of high quality products.
Solid surface sheet: The production with outstanding competitive advantage by capable produce wider sheet 760mm--1520mm. Kquartz now equipped with three state-of-the-art, fully automatic continuous production lines and supporting facilities, capable of an annual production of over 300, 000 standard boards.
Quartz sheet: Kquartz company own the most advanced press machine, high temperature curing oven and full-automatic high setting polishing line in this industry. Introducing full-automatic molding design from Italy makes the whole producing line intelligent, automatic, stable, and efficient. Kquartz can produce various kinds of quartz stone. The maximum dimension could reach 1620mm X 3250mm X 30mm.
Application of Pure Grey Quartz Stone slab
Kquartz products are used extensively in various projects, such as hospital, hotel, shopping mall, office building, airport, school, theater, restaurant. Also use in transportation vehicle like trains, airplane, steamship. Top application: Kitchen countertop, bathroom vanity top, dining table, conference table, one piece top with basin, window sill, cashier etc. Wall cladding: Television background wall, outdoor cladding, skirting line etc. Shape products: Can be jointed seamlessly with sink, basin, bathtub, shower column, outdoor furniture, display cabinet, indication sign, artistic pillar etc. The manufacture complies with all state regulations to comply with requirements for "green" building products, making them safe to use anywhere.
Our expectation marketing of Pure Grey Quartz Stone slab
Kquartz products are not only sold all over China, but are also sold and exported to North America, Europe, Middle East, Southeast Asia and Russian. Our product has become a favourite in all these regions.
Kquartz is hoping to expand sales to more countries of the world and to promote and form better and long-term customer relationships.
Kquartz adheres to four core values:
"Leading Technology" Technology has changed our lives. "
"Service First". Priority is given to the highest quality of service.
"Trust and Reliability". The company extends trust and reliability to all customers.
"Green Environment". Products are guaranteed to be environmentally friendly and healthy.
Kquartz is an international artificial stone brand.