Agglomerated Red Quartz Stone Slab Kitchen Countertops

Agglomerated Red Quartz Stone Slab Kitchen Countertops
Product Details

Made with more than 90% of worlds' hardest nature minerals and high quality resin, Quan Stone Quartz Stone Surfaces are extremely dense, non-porous and practically maintenance free.


Kitchen Solid Stone Countertops Artificial Material Fashion Blue Color


Advantages and Features of QUAN STONE Quartz Stone


1.Non-porous and extremely dense, with high performance of stain resistance and water resistance.


2.A high degree of hardness ensuring the product is durable and practically maintenance free.


3.Made of natural minerals, gives the stone-like texture and also with created patterns.


Us Standard Quartz Countertop & Quartz Stone


It is ideal for both commercial and residential interior applications, such as laboratories, hospitals, bars, kitchens, vanities etc.



Available Sizes of Quartz Stone


All colors available in 3050x1455mm, 3200x1600mm, thickness varies from 12mm to 3cm.


Us Standard Quartz Countertop & Quartz StoneUs Standard Quartz Countertop & Quartz Stone


Fabrication & Finished Products for Quartz Stone

Quan Stone is also taking pride in providing finished products customised made to clients’ needs. From Cut - to - Size, to packaging, Quan Stone has a strong and experienced fabrication team to meet with different demands.



Kquartz SURFACES , the brand name of " Quan Stone Building Materials" , started manufacturing solid surface in early 2006's in China. Since then, Quan Stone has expanded customer base both domestically and internationally. In 2009, Quan Stone has launched the quartz production line to meet the new market demands.