Welding Part Structural Steel Parts

In the summer, if the product is not in a hurry, this is the most economical way. The first night to the workpiece dragged into the open air, when the sun at 2 o'clock the most sinister time, Welding Part immediately welding. And then let the sun exposure for 15 days, Welding Part the stress is basically eliminated. Apply to 16Mn like structural parts and cast steel, but the brothers may be too hard, you need to prepare a number of water bottles in advance, Zhuge march scattered a little, in this first road lack.

First with high speed steel (discarded drill bit change, but not all drill bits are high speed steel, must be identified in advance) grinding a pointed hammer, and then tap the weld, Welding Part the standard is at least 15 points per square centimeter, , And effectively produce a forced deformation, only effect. Otherwise useless. Brothers are so lazy! This method applies to structural steel parts. Cast steel parts percussion do not be too hard, cast iron pieces to tap, but the points to double.

General groove is 60 degrees, easy to operate, Welding Part but the welding time is long, filled with metal, deformation, natural welding stress on the big. The use of narrow bevels not only reduces costs (electrode and wire prices are at least twice as expensive as steel plates), Welding Part increasing the speed of operation (brethren are always welcome for efficient processes) and greatly reducing stress. In addition to thin and special plate, are applicable. Is the brother of the operational skills to put forward higher requirements. As long as the grip of a welding torch swing, the groove at both ends to stay enough time (in fact, Welding Part not more than 0.3 seconds), see the edge of the groove has been melted and the metal metal ripples to the other side of the swing, it will not produce non-fusion The Welds between the layers when the slag to remove the slag, X-ray test to ensure that the strip are I-chip, a defect will not have. Joint to use cold connection, in advance to the ground into a ramp-like, and beautiful quality and good.

If the component can be preheated, after heat, stress can be reduced. However, Welding Part a fist large cast iron with 507 electrode welding should be two gas cutting torch heating, slightly larger castings can not be effective heating, it can not use 507 electrode welding, and cold welding stress is relatively large. How to do? Make a 10-hole heating head on the line. Just like the pig like the rake. Welding Part With a gas gun 20, in fact, gas guns greater fire, do not use gas cutting gun ah! Tempering explosion is not responsible ah! Remove the nozzle, with a copper rod processing a 10-hole heating head, the drawings back I uploaded, Welding Part and now in the king Pa inside, and then to the welding of the casting heating, much more powerful flame! This method applies to cast iron, cast steel.