To Be Honesty And Diligence, Success Will Follow You.

To be Honesty and Diligence.

By Markliu

I am not the one who born with talent. Somebody may be gifted enough to use his talent, but I believe, there are two things lead a man to his success.

Honesty is the best policy.

I was struggling when I first graduated from the university, because I met many fake things in the society. I questioned myself, then I turned out the episode which was cherished in my heart: “Mark, please be a man of honesty, take responsibility of his words and acts. All the things will be defeated in front of honesty.” I was told by my mom. Later, I found all the hardships just like ice melted by the thing called Honesty. Friends talk secrets with me; business partners share success with me; parents never stop giving love to me. They say, “I see the notion from your eyes, that is honesty.” Honesty is seeing things by your heart!

Diligence is the mother of success

They say, there are 3% of persons are gifted. And most of us are just ordinary people, so do I. Fortunately; I found there is one thing that is more meaningful than talent: Diligence. Once, I couldn't pronounce a new word at the first time, I practice it again and again. From then on, I kept diligence as my belief. I firmly believe that I can catch what I want with it. Diligence does never say die!

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