Quartz Stone Provide The Role Of Toughness

Quartz stone is 92% quartz sand powder and 8% resin, Quartz Stone pigments and other auxiliary materials in the vacuum state of high pressure forming, high temperature state of the new shape of stone, is a non-radioactive pollution, reusable environmental protection, green new building materials And decorative materials.

1. Resin: The resin is the base material of quartz stone, which has the effect of bonding and providing toughness.

2. Filling material: quartz stone filler is the main component of silica, Quartz Stone the other are: quartz stone sand, quartz stone powder, foundry sand, broken glass, shells, sea sand.

3. Pigments: Pigments in the role of quartz stone is the deployment of color varieties, so that colorful color.

4. Curing agent: curing agent is essential for the production of quartz stone additives, Quartz Stone good quartz stone are used high-temperature curing molding.

5. Other additives: resin is a polymer material, Quartz Stone the appropriate addition of some additives can improve its technology, improve production efficiency, enhance the performance of quartz stone to extend the life.

1. easy to scratch: quartz stone of its quartz content of up to 93%, the surface hardness can be up to Mohs hardness 7, greater than the kitchen used in the knife and other tools, Quartz Stone will not be scratched.

2. Strong anti-fouling: Quartz stone is made in the vacuum under the conditions of the case, dense non-porous composite material, Quartz Stone the surface of the acid and alkali have excellent corrosion resistance, long time on the surface of the liquid only with water or clean And bright and other cleaning agents can be wiped with a cloth.

3. Can not burn: natural quartz crystal is a typical refractory material, the melting point of up to 1300 degrees, 93% made of natural quartz quartz flame completely flame retardant, not due to contact with high temperature and lead to burning, with artificial stone and other countertops can not match Of the high temperature characteristics.

4. Non-toxic No radiation: Quartz stone surface smooth, flat, no scratches retention, dense non-porous material structure makes the bacteria nowhere to hide. Quartz stone completely non-toxic and no radiation,Quartz Stone direct contact with food, and through the Chinese environmental labeling product certification.

In the fast quartz stone using vacuum die-casting technology manufacturing, raw materials need to be stirred through the automatic mixing system, the material composition of the deployment, Quartz Stone the gravity of up to 800 tons of large-scale press repeatedly die-casting, Quartz Stone automatic drying oven after the formation of semi-finished products. Semi-finished products in the bridge cut, polished, quality inspection, Penma, film formed after the quartz stone products.