Quartz Stone Material Structure

Quartz stone surface smooth, flat no scratches stranded, Quartz Stone dense pore-free material structure makes bacteria nowhere to hide, can contact with food directly, safe non-toxic, become quartz stone Mesa biggest advantage. The kitchen is a lot of greasy spots, Quartz Stone the kitchen items such as cleaning up not in time to have thick stains, of course, quartz Shitai surface is no exception, although the quartz stone resistance to dirty after all, no self-cleaning function.

For thick stains How to clean up a lot of people have some misunderstanding, most people will choose the strong detergent, use the wire ball to clean up, this is the wrong way to operate, Quartz Stone but I do not deny that other items such cleanup is effective. According to the test report issued by Quartz stone manufacturer, the hardness of quartz stone plate can reach 7 grade of Mo hardness, second only to the hardness of diamond, so that the general iron can not damage its surface. But the use of wire ball back and forth friction is not the same, will cause damage to the surface scratches

The correct cleaning method of quartz stone, Quartz Stone choose neuter detergent or soapy water, use dishcloth to clean. Rinse after cleaning with clean water, then dry cloth to dry. Although the water absorption rate of quartz stone is almost zero for 0.02%, Quartz Stone it is also possible to avoid the possibility of infiltration or to leave water stains. The most important is the stitching seam maintenance and cleaning, Quartz Stone the use of the line in a timely manner to avoid stitching seam black lead to breeding bacteria, stitching seam should be regularly waxed. If there is no stone special wax in the home can use car wax or floor wax, should be waxed at least once a month.

Quartz stone plate is made up of more than 93% natural quartz and 7% of the pigment, resin and other adjustment bonding, curing and other additives. Quartz Stone Artificial quartz stone is through negative pressure vacuum, high-frequency vibration molding, heating curing, its hard texture, structural density with other decorative materials can not match the wear-resisting (Morse hardness of more than 6 level), Quartz Stone withstand pressure (density 2.0g/cubic centimeters), high temperature (can withstand temperature 300 ℃), anti-corrosion, impervious to no source of pollution and radiation sources, belongs to a new green man-made stone, quartz stone price is higher than other stone.

When it comes to this, a lot of people will wonder. Quartz stone plate since can withstand high temperature up to ≤300°, why the hot container directly on the table will cause burst and discoloration? Because of the above-mentioned quartz stone plate raw materials containing 7% of resin solvents,Quartz Stone hot after high temperature prone to cold and cold, due to the local sudden heating, such as the construction did not reserve expansion joints, Quartz Stone it is easy to crack or the bottom of the container mark discoloration. Quartz stone manufacturers prompt users should avoid hot container direct contact should use insulation pads.