Quartz Stone Installation Precautions

It is estimated that no stranger to quartz, it is a very good table material. The processing and installation of quartz stone countertops is a technical activity. If the quartz stone is improperly installed, it will not only affect the appearance of the countertop, but also directly affect the overall quality and service life of the cabinet. So quartz stone countertops processing considerations what? Quartz stone countertops installation precautions

Today, quartz stone has become a common platform material, in order to ensure the quality of the table, you need to be processed before the installation of quartz stone and design, the specific need to note the following:

1, quartz stone is generally taken to splicing installation, we choose to splicing position, due to try to avoid the corner and the mouth of the furnace, which is because of quartz with thermal expansion and contraction characteristics, if close to the fire or corner, Cracking may occur.

2, everyone in the design of the table corner, should give full consideration to stress concentration, resulting in cracking the table corner, so the processing should be done at all corners to maintain a radius of 2.5 cm above the arc angle;

3, Design stove hole position, the table openings should be away from the mesa edge should be greater than or equal to 8 cm, to prevent table hole cracking, open the stove mouth, the first cut with a cutting machine or curve hole, and then Grinding with a gong machine or a hand grinder trimming, to achieve a smooth effect, the four corners of the circle radius is basically uniform, due to the jigsaw, cutting machine hole, the cut hole around the serrated India to crack it, it is easy to cause holes Cracked at.

4, the corner of the hole should be kept at a radius of 2.5 cm radius of the fillet, the four corners of the corner plate must be made of homogeneous plate reinforcement, between the stove and the table have a certain space, the spatial distance of 0.4-0.6 cm, Openings around the insulation cloth and tin foil for thermal insulation protection measures.

5, the design of countertops should take into account the staircase, elevators, doors and other transport corridors on the size of the restrictions, on-site seams should meet the requirements mentioned above joints.

Quartz stone countertops installation precautions

Once everything is ready, you can proceed with the installation of quartz stone installed. Quartz stone installation quality is directly related to the aesthetics and life of the table, it can not be ignored. Here we come together to understand the installation of quartz stone countertops Notes:

1, before the installation needs to check the flatness of cabinets, check the size of quartz stone countertops and cabinets are exactly match. If there is an error, you need to rework the quartz countertops, or trim the cabinet.

2, measuring the depth of the cabinet, the table need to reserve a 4cm size, in order to facilitate the installation of edge trim.

3, Stitching some of the long table (such as the L-shaped table), in order to ensure the smoothness of the stitching mesa and seams tightness, it is recommended to use a strong clip (A clip, F clip) to fix the quartz stone plate. In addition, the adhesive tape hanging, but also the use of strong clip fixed, to ensure that the table and the table surface splicing at the junction of the gap at the perfect combination.

4, quartz stone countertops should leave a certain distance between the wall and the wall (usually 3mm to 5mm), after the installation is completed, the gap between the table and the wall should be marked with glass glue.

5, in the table installation, try to avoid the construction site of quartz stone for a wide range of cutting, opening, on the one hand is to prevent cutting dust pollution construction site, on the other hand is to prevent the cutting is not allowed to cause errors.

6, due to the higher hardness of quartz stone countertops, high density, high processing technology. Therefore, the quartz stone countertops installation, should contact a professional quartz stone installation master, and the use of professional tools for installation, must not blindly install, so as to avoid unnecessary trouble.