Quartz Stone And Artificial Stone Advantages And Disadvantages

What is the difference between the two, consumers do not know what. In fact, quartz stone is also attributed to artificial stone, artificial stone attributed to the large type, are made of artificial stone equipment. But we used to usual calcium powder plate or aluminium plate composite acrylic stone known as artificial stone, quartz stone row separated.

Artificial stone in general, there are five categories, usually in. Crystal jade plate. The aluminium plate. Composite acrylic sheet. Pure acrylic board. Quartz stone. Decoration stone table usually contain artificial stone and natural stone two, natural stone because of its rich deposits of heavy metal radiation, best practice in open indoor or outdoor, such as hotels bank lobby or square.

Artificial stone is divided into acrylic artificial stone and artificial quartz stone, of course, there are some new stone, but is a small collective, every business name is not the same and owe good classification.

Acrylic stones and quartz stone is not what is good or bad, components are not the same, characteristics of different contrast, so when the choose and buy to understand from a comparison favors the table which characteristics, the selection of acrylic or quartz stone.

Acrylic stone as now cabinets stores the primary table of timber, processing appearance beautiful, is the primary arc block water, and an affirmation of the seamless splicing and special processing, this is quartz stone can not reach the; other, acrylic stone relative tolerance of quartz stone is very good, very pure acrylic optimization.

Strengths: seamless, and the appearance of a variety of colors, soft, easy to modify the problem. The use of time is too long, from scratch and can be polished as new.

The defect is: the hardness is slightly worse and quartz stone, such as rough objects on the table, easy to damage the surface brightness. Composite acrylic high temperature to 90 degrees, pure acrylic high temperature is 120 degrees. But not touch objects overheating.

Quartz stone hardness and wear resistance are superior acrylic stone, very good heat resistance, but certainly not so fierce, both acrylic stone is quartz stone, not hot pot placed directly on the table, thermal expansion and contraction will cause some of the molecular structure change. Regardless of the quartz stone is perhaps the acrylic stone, do not use if the pot pad directly on the table placed high temperature objects, in the course of time, touch high temperature object surface and some other table light some of a different.

The advantages are: compared with the artificial stone, high temperature resistance, resistance to row

Defect: single appearance, do not disorderly appearance, and not easy to fix problems bump. Due to the hardness of quartz and high density, so not seamless splicing, not easy to do clutter appearance.

Whether it is acrylic stone or quartz stone, component data resolution quality and not quartz stone is superior to the artificial stone, like acrylic stone same, quartz stone market is bad, users in the purchase of stone, as far as possible contrast manufacturers and commodity components. As far as possible to demand the seller to produce the inspection report of the goods and after sales.