Quartz Slab The Scope Of Use

1. When observing the surface finish of the plate, Quartz Slab it is found that the particles are bright and the powder is not bright. The powder is not bright, Quartz Slab because the hardness of quartz powder is not high. Therefore, improving the hardness of quartz powder is an effective way to improve the hardness and smoothness of the sheet. After many experiments and application, Quartz Slab it is found that adding 10% of 100 mesh glass powder to the 325-mesh quartz powder can improve the hardness of the plate 0.5 and improve the surface finish 3-5°.

2. The problem of the watermark in fine-grained quartz plate is a difficult problem to be solved in the production of quartz plate. General production plant is to improve the mixing effect of mixer, Quartz Slab and before the cloth to add powder machine to solve, will receive a certain effect, but can not eradicate. After careful study, the so-called watermark problem, in addition to the formula has a problem, Quartz Slab in fact, Quartz Slab the whole surface of the plate is due to different densities, that is, Quartz Slab the whole plate in the suppression of the pressure and vibration caused by different forces, the solution is to improve the rigidity of the pressure head.

3, increase the surface of quartz stone plate varieties, Quartz Slab expand the use of quartz stone plate range. Now the surface of the quartz stone plate produced in our country is flat. As the development of the decoration requires the surface to be made of natural surface,Quartz Slab it is necessary to apply a new process.

The Powder Regiment, in the Quartz board manufacture process, is the most common one kind of plate flaw. Not only affect the appearance of the plate, and sometimes affect the physical and chemical properties of the plate, Quartz Slab so, as a fatal plate defect, Quartz Slab the powder Regiment must be nipped in the bud state.

Powder Regiment, is divided into the color Powder regiment, the sand Powder Regiment and the powder pellet. The main feature of color powder group is that the color differs greatly from the plate itself, Quartz Slab and its fatal character is more prominent in the monochrome plate. Sand Powder Regiment, its color and plate itself is not too big difference, in large, medium particle plate, its outstanding characteristic is that the granule is obvious than the plate particle fine (that is fine pellet Regiment), fine particle plate, Quartz Slab will result in certain chromatic aberration, form dark pattern effect. Powder pellet, its powder regiment is mainly the Powder Knot Regiment, form sand-free powder Regiment.

Different powder groups, Quartz Slab the formation of the process station will be different, powder Group and Powder group, the main formation of the stage is the stirring process, due to uneven mixing or the previous production process residues of wet material is mixed in the latter production process, forming a certain difference with the target wet material. Sand Powder Regiment, may appear in the stirring process, but mainly after the wet material out of the mixer, Quartz Slab in the conveying process,Quartz Slab due to the position of the material or working position similar to the screening phenomenon, resulting in wet material of fine particles accumulated for a long time or be screened, forming a clear fine particle wet pellet, mainly in the scatter machine rollers and other easy to accumulate material place.