Quartz Slab Has Its Own Industry Characteristics

Quartz Slab Has Its Own Industry Characteristics

With the rapid development of China's building materials, new electric light sources, semiconductor integrated circuits, laser technology, aerospace and other industries, Quartz Slab quartz board demand continues to grow. China's quartz board is mainly used in the construction industry, the industry is pulling quartz plate production and consumption of the main factors of rapid growth.

With the rapid development of various industries, China's quartz plate production level has been greatly improved, quartz plate production increased significantly. Quartz Slab 2011 due to domestic demand, China's quartz plate sales of 3535525 thousand yuan, an increase of 14.42%, the domestic quartz board industry to obtain a certain development space, quartz plate production growth significantly.

Although China's quartz board industry in recent years has achieved some success, Quartz Slab but China's quartz plate production technology, product quality, energy consumption and pollutant emissions and other indicators compared with the international advanced level, there is still a considerable gap.Calacatta  quartz(2).jpg

Domestic quartz board products have broken a small number of foreign enterprises on the international market monopoly, but the product quality is still a certain gap with foreign products. Quartz Slab Such as the United States Knight's quartz board in the product color control, Quartz Slab product stability are better than some domestic products. In addition, China's quartz board prices were significantly lower than imported products.

As global energy prices continue to rise, domestic labor costs increase, the industry is nearing the end of low cost. With the arrival of low-profit era, China's quartz board production enterprises will generally face marketing transformation, high cost, industrial technology and product innovation and other challenges. Domestic enterprises due to the shortage of professional and technical personnel, Quartz Slab high consumption within the industry, low efficiency and other structural problems, accelerate the upgrading of industrial technology and transformation of the future needs of enterprises to face long-term challenges. The development of domestic enterprises is an urgent need for independent branding, unique business model innovation. Domestic brand quartz board business only through these new bottlenecks to go further.

Quartz plate industry has its own industry characteristics, such as quartz board products both building decoration products and mechanical products dual characteristics; Quartz Slab marketing mostly to sell production, the number of orders, each single output value; require enterprises with production, design, supply , The ability to install; product technology content is getting higher and higher, Quartz Slab the country's product standards more and more stringent; product differences are small, the industry is highly competitive, debt, arrears are extremely serious and so on.

China's high-speed development in the period of economic development, late start, speed, the construction of the market there are different levels of market chaos, Quartz Slab non-standard, unfair competition and other phenomena, especially the technological innovation environment there are many drawbacks, such as counterfeiting, imitation, Do not pay attention to the protection of intellectual property rights and other unfair bad wind prevails. These have greatly affected the technological progress of the industry. Quartz Slab Enterprises are the leading force in the development of technology, the market is not standardized, it is difficult to form scientific research results to the application of technology transformation mechanism and technological progress mechanism. Enterprises as the main goal of scientific and technological progress is difficult to achieve.