Quartz Slab Curing Speed

Curing agent: in the artificial quartz stone is mainly to harden the product, Quartz Slab also known as initiator.

Accelerator: In the artificial quartz stone is mainly to speed up the product curing speed.

Coupling agent: In the artificial quartz stone is mainly to increase the bonding strength of the product, especially when the use of glass filler in the product, Quartz Slab the effect is particularly evident.

(1) in the artificial quartz stone products in the main role of the resin is bonded, so that artificial stone in the inorganic filler can be a good bond together, Quartz Slab and to ensure that the product has a certain mechanical strength properties.

(2) to color the product.

(3) from the filling effect, the quartz powder filling is certainly not complete, Quartz Slab filled with liquid will be more fully.

(4) to ensure that the artificial quartz plate of a variety of physical and chemical properties.

According to the specific use of different areas, Quartz Slab the quartz board is mainly divided into building materials and decorative materials quartz board (such as quartz board for cabinets, quartz board for floorboard, quartz board for wall panels) and network communication, electronic devices, chip high purity fused silica Board, other areas of quartz plate. Which accounted for about 61% of the sales volume of fused silica board, followed by building materials and high-grade decorative materials with quartz flooring about 13%, Quartz Slab cabinets with about 11% quartz board, wall panels with quartz about 10%. China's quartz board with quartz panels, floor quartz board, wall panels with quartz board production technology has been some successful application, but the price is expensive, to promote a slower, its market share of only 34%.

China's quartz plate brand market, Quartz Slab the brand structure is more complex. Among them, foreign investment and joint venture brand products accounted for about 28% share; dominated domestic brands such as Rongguan, Hua Xun Industrial, Phillips, rich friends, about 20% of the share, the other share of the general brand products, % Share. Although China's domestic brand quartz board production to more than 13% annual rate of increase, Quartz Slab but the dependence on imported brands is still not diminished, China's US, Germany and Japan quartz plate brand dependence.