Quartz Slab Basic Raw Materials

Quartz sand can be made of glass, refractory materials, Quartz Slab smelting ferrosilicon, metallurgical flux, ceramics, grinding materials, casting, Quartz Slab quartz sand in the building using its strong acid-resistant medium etching ability, used to make acid-resistant concrete and acid mortar The SiO2 has a unique physical, chemical, optical characteristics, making it in many high-tech products play an increasingly important role, such as the IT industry's core technology products - computer chips, Quartz Slab optical fiber, electronic industry resonance Equipment, new electric light source, high insulation sealing materials, aerospace equipment, military technology products, special optical glass, chemical analysis equipment, etc., Quartz Slab are inseparable from these basic raw materials. Crystal and shape beautiful quartz sand can be used for glasses and precious handicrafts, the use of quartz crystal piezoelectricity, can be made without wire industry in the frequency stabilizer, quartz filter. Quartz Slab Can produce a variety of lenses, reflectors, spectral tubes, light guide and optical instruments in the prism, polarizer and so on. At present, extensive application of water temperature difference method for making artificial quartz crystal for the manufacture of piezoelectric components. In the chemical industry, quartz sand can be used for acid and temperature equipment and utensils; in the electrical industry, often used quartz as an excellent insulating material; Quartz Slab quartz sand is also glass, enamel and refractory brick manufacturing industry in the fine raw materials; Performance also makes it widely used in metallurgy, food, pharmaceutical and paper industry. The export of quartz stone (sand) mostly used in metallurgy and refractory industry.

1. When observing the surface finish of the sheet, it is found that there is a place where the particles are bright and the powder is not bright. Powder is not bright, Quartz Slab is due to the hardness of quartz powder is not high caused. Therefore, Quartz Slab to improve the hardness of quartz powder is to improve sheet hardness and smoothness of the effective way. After several tests and applications found that the use of 325 mesh quartz powder by adding 10% of the 100 mesh flat glass powder, can improve the plate Mohs hardness of 0.5, improve the surface finish 3? 5o.

2. Fine-grained quartz plate watermark problem is the production of quartz plate to solve the problem. General production plant is to improve the mixing effect from the mixer to start, and in the fabric before adding powder machine to solve, will receive a certain effect, but can not be eradicated. Quartz Slab After careful study, the so-called watermark problem, in addition to the recipe has a problem, in fact, due to the density of the entire surface of the board caused by different, that is, Quartz Slab the whole board at all times by the pressure and vibration caused by different, The way is to improve the rigidity of the indenter.

3. To increase the surface of quartz stone plate varieties, to expand the use of quartz stone plate. Now the surface of quartz stone produced by our country is flat. Quartz Slab And with the development of the decorative requirements of the surface made of natural surface, which will apply a new process.