Quartz Sink Synthetic Material

Quartz stone sink is a hard synthetic material, its hardness after the diamond, Quartz Sink very wear-resistant, high strength. Impact resistance is also good. Weighs 0.225 kg of solid steel ball 600 mm height drop, it will not smash the sink. Quartz is one of the most stable substances in nature. Acid, Quartz Sink alkali resistance is excellent, even if the highly corrosive acidic food, it will not corrode the sink.

Quartz stone sink can withstand 280 degrees Celsius high temperature, Quartz Sink instantaneous high temperature contact will not affect the surface. Suitable for Chinese cooking. Many people are accustomed to the hot pot bottom, hot oil into the sink. This makes it easy to corrode the protective film on the surface of a stainless steel sink. Quartz Sink The quartz sink does not exist this hidden danger

Quartz stone sink with a special surface treatment technology, Quartz Sink the surface of the pores sealed to form a micro-matte surface. This surface structure is dense, non-absorbent, nor bleeding. Quartz stone This inert material is almost no sticky oil, very easy to use to clean up, no need for additional conservation, smooth as new.

Quartz stone sink shape rich, Quartz Sink diverse colors, Quartz Sink feel gentle and soft. Even including natural texture tones and metallic colors, very beautiful. In Europe and the United States and other developed countries, the kitchen market, these design humane, with a variety of styles, features super, Quartz Sink environmentally friendly clean sink products occupy the global high-end kitchen market share.

Quartz stone sink has a certain function, with the utensils, Quartz Sink the collision of water generated when the noise is very small, Quartz Sink for the high utilization of the kitchen, this basin is the most appropriate. Especially when the home below the sink installed crusher (garbage processor) and other electrical appliances, Quartz Sink the solid quartz stone sink will not form a nuisance noise.

Quartz stone sink raw materials environmental protection, non-toxic, Quartz Sink no radiation, no heavy metals, recyclable, waste disposal without pollution. With excellent environmental protection, can be directly in contact with food, is to focus on environmental protection, pay attention to the best choice for healthy people.

1, often clean the sink, when not in use should be kept dry, retention of water will lead to the occurrence of mineral deposits, the general can use low concentrations of vinegar solution to remove such deposits, and finally fully cleaned with water.

2, moist wash the sponge or other cleaning pad for a long time left in the sink, high iron content of water may lead to the formation of brown red coloring marks on the surface.

3, as far as possible the use of silver detergent or other sulfur or hydrochloric acid containing washing products.

4, with less rough items or wire ball clean sink, Quartz Sink so easy to make scratches and make the sink to produce spots.

5, do not pickles, mayonnaise, or other foods rich in salt and easy to contaminate the sink of food such as tea, coffee, fruit juice and so long immersed in the sink, Quartz Sink such as stained with the best water or detergent cleaning.

6, do not use clean yarn, grinding film or grinding materials to clean the sink.

7, do not use the sink as a cutting board, Quartz Sink the sink should only be used for the purpose it should be used.

8, to avoid more than 280 ° C of the hot pot or other high temperature items and direct contact with the surface of the tank (just after heating the bottom of the pot temperature up to 600 ° C), Quartz Sink or overheating and cold items at the same time placed in the sink.