Quartz Sink Keep Dry

1, often cleaning the sink, Quartz Sink when not in use should keep it dry, stranded water will lead to the occurrence of mineral deposits, generally can use a low concentration of vinegar solution to remove this type of deposition, the last to clean thoroughly.

2, moist dishwashing Quartz Sink sponge or other cleaning pad for a long time left in the sink, high iron content of water may cause the surface to form a brownish red stain.

3, minimize the use of Quartz Sink silver detergent or other containing sulfur or hydrochloric acid washing products.

4. Use less coarse objects or steel balls to clean the sink, so that the gutters are easily scratched and the gutters are spotted.

5, do not use kimchi, mayonnaise, or other rich salt food and easy to pollute the sink of food such as tea, coffee, fruit juice, such as long immersion in the sink, Quartz Sink if stained with the best immediately water or detergent cleaning agent.

6. Do not use scouring, polishing or grinding materials to clean the sink.

7, do not use the sink as a cutting board, the sink should only be used for its purpose.

8, to avoid more than 280 °Quartz Sink c hot pot or other high temperature items and the surface of the trough direct contact (just after heating the bottom of the pot temperature can reach 600 °c), or overheating and supercooled items at the same time in the sink.

The sink is an indispensable part of the cupboard, mainly used for cleaning utensils, fruits and vegetables and so on. Although the sink is just a small accessory, its role can not be small hush. The market sinks the brand, the material, the style is very many, the consumer Quartz Sink buys when must according to own custom to choose.

Choose the sink when everyone is concerned about the material problem, the general household decoration consumers buy the most is the stainless steel sink, in fact, the market also has stone, ceramic material, which is better? Today's little series to introduce you to the more Quartz Sink unusual quartz stone sinks, quartz stone not only durable, but also good cleaning.

In recent years, stainless steel has been widely used in building decoration industry, its metal texture can be better integrated into the kitchen in the home. Consumers should pay attention to the selection of the model is very many, for the production of the best sink to 304, not easily resistant to corrosion, not easy to oxidize, and toughness is very good, durable.