Quartz Sink And Other Natural Characteristics

Quartz stone sink is used in recent years, a more quartz stone sink surface using the most advanced technology production technology, after more than 30 Road polishing process made of decorative surface material, is a high hardness and environmental protection compound Quartz material. This quartz crystal itself has a crystal clear, clear, beautiful color, luxury, high hardness, no deformation, no discoloration, Quartz Sink toughness, no radioactive, acid and other natural characteristics.

Quartz stone is not scratching, the appearance of strong hardness is very high, the hardness of the diamond after the natural mineral deposits, far greater than the kitchen used in the knife and other tools, will not be scratched.

Quartz stone appearance with non-polluting and so on. Quartz Sink Usually use the liquid material will not soak its internal, long-term appearance of the liquid only with water or clean and bright cleaning agent can be wiped with a rag, if necessary, the blade can be used to scrap the appearance of the object.

Quartz stone appearance is through more than 30 chaos of the polishing technology, not afraid of being scratched, not for liquid material soaked, will not happen yellow and discoloration and other questions, usually wash only with water can be washed, simple Easy. Even through long-term use, Quartz Sink the appearance of the same with the new table with the same bright, no maintenance and conservation.

Natural quartz stone is very weathering, not burning, the melting point of up to 1500 degrees above, 93% made of natural quartz quartz stone completely flame retardant, Quartz Sink quartz stone sink and table will not be due to high temperature and lead to burning, but also with artificial stone Tablet can not match the high temperature characteristics.

Quartz stone non-toxic five radiation, very safe, the appearance of lubrication, smooth no scratches stay.

1, in the installation, first of all to check the cabinet and the cabinet is flat, check the table to be installed and the size of the field whether there is error, Quartz Sink if there is error, need to re-processing, dressing or cabinet adjustment.

2, in the installation of the table, the need to set aside the distance between the table and the wall, the general gap between 3-5mm, leaving the gap is to prevent the future table and the thermal expansion and contraction of the cabinet to stretch, after the installation is complete, Quartz Sink Also need to glue at the gap.

3, in the installation of sinks and other devices, you can quartz stone table and the table on the stalls of the water for some dressing to check whether the vacant, for some small suspension, we can add some of the bottom of the stone glass glue used to carry out Fill, Quartz Sink for some serious unevenness, you need to stop the construction, Quartz Sink the cabinet to adjust to the flat state.

4, for some of the longer table, are necessary to use some strong glass clip used to clamp the table extrusion gap, for the gap must be clean.

5, can be in the cabinet under the retaining strip of some of the plastic used for the color palette, for the stick file water strips, must not use marble glue and the like to connect the colloid, Quartz Sink in order to prevent sticking, and will not stick Too long to cause the table to crack or break.