Quartz Features

1), Not easy to scratch:

Quartz plate vibration through vacuum compression extrusion, has reached the Mohs hardness of 6 to 7.5. (Austrian mineralogist Mohs (Frederich Mohs) the creation of a hardness scale, is an internationally recognized method of hardness testing, 10 is the highest hardness, diamond is 10) steel ball hard is unable to scratch, wear and tear, any advantage is a countertop material on the market can match.

2), very high temperatures, burning does not hurt:

Reason: Because the quartz material is a high melting point of the material itself (which is the melting point of up to 1300 degrees), and then after Juzhen vacuum and high pressure from repression, it is a very high temperature.

3), the real feeling of the stone:

Reason: Because quartz stone contains 93% quartz crystals, so it feels very similar to the stone and quartz stone is natural stone and combines the advantages of both the artificial acrylic. So, from the perspective of color and other richer than real stone color, and almost no color.

4), stain resistance and strong, difficult to penetrate stains;

Reason: Because after dozens of sophisticated surface treatments, so its surface structure is extremely tight, the product fine non-porous, water absorption is almost zero; in general kitchen oil, butter, tea, juice, coffee, acid and alkali substances can not penetrate, so stain resistant.

5), antibacterial:

The reason: because the surface layer and the inner material is also compact and uniform, without pores and cracks, coupled with the built-in certain antibiotics, so to prevent the breeding of bacteria, safe and clean, direct contact with food and skin, good food hygiene and human health .

6), surface material without radiation, is a green product;

Reason: Because quartz stone is made of natural stone crystal mineral, is one of the world's most abundant inorganic material, its si02 (silicon dioxide) content of 99.9%, it will only harm the body of heavy metals and other radioactive elements in the process strictly controlled within the allowable range (which itself contains the number of heavy metals and other radioactive elements on phase less), its mining, use and processing will not adversely affect humans and the environment, and food, and the body so there will be no press contact negative effect.

7), stone color uniform, do not fade, do not change;

Reason: mostly quartz mineral pigment based, so consistent with the stone color, for a long time local contrast is not strong sunlight irradiation, the naked eye is difficult to observe the color change, addition, the entire quartz in the production process, to take the It is full automation control equipment, making the product color standards harmonization rate is extremely high. Indoors long during everyday use is not due to oxidation, aging, corrosion, and other factors may cause the contact thermal Fading color and luster.

8), high material toughness;

Cause: The product contains high strength glue and resin component, elasticity, and therefore there will not be easily broken brittle.

9), not broken;

Cause: The product thickness of 20mm. Most still use domestic plate 15mm thickness, and even jerry actual thickness of only 13mm, in the face of the impact of external forces easily broken down. Xinhua new joint quartz has been synchronized with the world famous brands, check from the raw material, processing, product quality, so as to crack coefficient of 0.3%

10), easy maintenance, cost-effective:

Cause: The product has excellent physical and chemical properties, use any cleaners can come clean, even if the value of any PH neutral agent can come clean, easy to use, you do not have to worry about maintenance after purchase annoyance and inconvenience, an investment permanent use, with wonderful once and for all. High value-added, although on the surface the higher prices, but its material value, processing value, service value, environmental health, ease of use and aesthetics are of high added value.