Qstone Participates In Local Primary School Donation

As a saying goes, knowledge is the power. Education is the best investment and the ticket to the bright future. Qstone has been involved in the charity activities since last year, and recently has taken part in a charity donation for Yaotian Primary School in Gangzhou,Jiangxi 

The teaching building, dormitories and latrines have been completely redecorated, said the headmaster and the teacher. As a result, the students can study more efficiently and teachers can teach them more and easier owing to the multimedia system and better classroom surroundings.

We are sure that if we could help the children from the remoted area to chase their dreams and have the opportunity to acquire scientific knowledge in better educational conditions, their personal life or even their whole family's life would be changed significantly.

We are happy that we are one of them who have the mind and ability to give a hand to those needed, and we wish more and more generous companies or persons could join us to go ahead hand in hand.