How To Maintain Quartz Stone Countertops


Countertop Maintenance five note

1. Do not place hot objects directly or put on the table for a long time, from the stove or oven, a microwave oven taken directly down wok, hot pot temperature is too high or other countertop appliances and so will bring harm. Please use pot bearings with rubber feet, or put a heat pad on the table. Do not use boiled cold water immediately after washing.
2. The operation should try to avoid using sharp objects striking the table, in order to avoid scratches. Regardless of the selected table, vegetable cooking food should be on the chopping block, in addition to avoid leaving marks outside the injury blade, but also do better hygiene.
3. Try to keep the table dry. HPL, anti-fold special table to avoid long-term immersion, to prevent the table open plastic deformation. Artificial stone countertops to prevent water and bleach and lighten the color scale to make countertops, affect the appearance.
4. potent chemicals to prevent contact with the table, such as to paint agent, metal cleaning agents, cleaning agents stove, methylene chloride, acetone (nail polish agent), acid cleaning agents. If accidentally above items contact, immediately rinse the surface with plenty of soap and water. If coated with a nail polish without acetone cleaning agent (such as alcohol) to wipe, reuse of water.
5. The erosion of chemicals, for many materials is not allowed. For example, stainless steel table salt is likely to rust stains, so usually should be taken to avoid the soy sauce and other items directly on the table