why use quartz countertops

why use quartz countertops

The first is that quartz is scratch-resistant and does not use the old characteristics of quartz quartz quartz content as high as 94%, quartz crystal is the natural hardness of the natural mineral after diamonds, the surface hardness of up to Mohs hardness of 7.5, much larger than Knives and other weapons used in the kitchen will not be scratched. Quartz stone bright and beautiful surface is more than 30 complex polishing process, will not penetrate the liquid material, will not produce yellow and discoloration and other issues, daily cleaning just rinse with water can be simple and easy.

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Followed by non-polluting, quartz is made under the conditions of compact, dense non-porous composite material, the quartz surface of the kitchen has excellent acid and alkali corrosion resistance, the daily use of liquid substances will not penetrate its Internal, long time placed on the surface of the liquid only with water or clean and bright and other cleaning agents can be erased with a rag, if necessary, blade scraping the surface of the retentate.

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The kitchen is open flame, natural quartz crystal is a typical refractories, the melting point of up to 1300 degrees, 94% quartz made of natural quartz completely flame retardant, will not cause contact with high temperature combustion, but also with artificial stone Such as mesa can not match the high temperature characteristics. The key health issue is that the surface of quartz is smooth, flat and free of scratches. The dense, nonporous material structure makes the bacteria nowhere to hide, and can be in direct contact with food, safe and non-toxic!