What is Efflorescence

What is Efflorescence


· Efflorescence is in the stone surface or filling at the efflorescence powder or sagging phenomenon, originate from the outdoor or abundant water, such as flower Taiwan, outdoor ladder, external cracks and so on.

When the stone is wet way to install, the back of the cement mortar in the calcium hydroxide and other alkaline substances, a large number of water dissolved out to penetrate the surface of the stone or fillet is not true, calcium hydroxide and then the air of carbon dioxide Or acid rain in the SO2 sulfuric acid compounds to form calcium carbonate or calcium sulfate, when the water evaporates, calcium carbonate or calcium sulfate on the crystallization of precipitation to be come efflorescence

Stone formation of efflorescenceand the same characteristics of the water sport a large number of water, alkaline metal ions are the cause of efflorescence, which play the role of water to destroy the role of alkaline metal ions dissolved by the capillary phenomenon to the stone surface or To fill the wrong place, and further the formation of efflorescence. Therefore, the prevention of water and alkaline metal ions penetrate the surface of the stone or fill the wrong place, you can prevent the occurrence of efflorescence.

Prevention of  efflorescence formation measures are as follows:

Stone should be applied before the installation of protective engineering (front, five or six, depending on the project requirements), to prevent excessive inhalation of stone moisture to prevent the front of the stone from the water or underground water into the stone under the cement mortar to avoid cement mortar Of the alkaline metal ions into the stone, resulting in efflorescence.

Selection of suitable for the stone filling gap material, and according to the correct construction method to apply. Good quality of the filling material and the correct method of operation, to prevent the occurrence of seepage at the efflorescence.

In the deployment of cement mortar, the use of low ash ratio or add water reducing agent. Reduce excess water, can avoid the occurrence of a efflorescence.

In the cement mortar by adding waterproofing agent, to avoid the metal ions are a lot of water dissolved out of the formation of efflorescence stone surface.

The use of non-polluting materials, such as to avoid the use of calcium, magnesium, sodium and other more sea sand, and to avoid the use of more mineral water for the mixed water, reduce the source of metal ions, reduce the probability of occurrence of efflorescence.

Has formed the measures of  Efflorescence:

Can choose a professional stone cleaning agent, KL710 to alkali agent for the main surface of ceramic tile and stone developed from the characteristics of all efflorescence, can be cleaned tiles, water brick, clay products, natural stone and concrete surface of the natural efflorescencening And the formation of efflorescence Chinese (unapplied) due to unscientific cleaning.

After cleaning and then use stone protection agent can prevent the occurrence of efflorescence stone ( alkali).