The common of engineered stone

The common of engineered stone 

Marble tiles are also due to the hardness is not enough to lead it as a wall, but not as a tiles.

The world's stone type is very much, but the most common home furnishing stone is nothing more than three, namely: marble, granite and artificial stone.


Marble (Marble), also known as marble, is a natural stone. Its pattern is soft, soothing, is a lot of people in the decoration of the big love. In the three stones, marble is the most difficult to maintain. The density of the marble in all the stone is low, so if it is used as a kitchen countertop, it is easy to scratch the knife and hard objects. As the marble is a natural stone, it itself has some small gap, which led to soy sauce, coffee, ink and other color liquid easily penetrate them, and can not be cleaned. Therefore, as a home improvement selection, I recommend you do not choose marble as kitchen countertops, but can be selected as bathroom countertops.

At the same time, the marble tiles are also due to the hardness is not enough to lead it as a wall, but not as a tiles.

Granite countertop cost (2).JPGGranite (Granite): the main part of the continental crust, is a kind of magma in the surface below the formation of the formation of igneous rocks. Granite is not easy to weathering, high hardness, wear resistance, in addition to the use of high-level building decoration works, the hall outside the ground, or the first choice for open-air carving material. Compared to marble, granite is more resistant to wear and tear. So in the decoration, most of the natural stone like the customer will choose granite.

In addition, it is important that, in the choice of granite, try to avoid the choice of a similar lightning pattern of granite. This pattern of granite because of the internal texture of the reasons, very easy to split.


Artificial stone (Quartz): artificial stone is currently on the market the most popular home improvement materials. It is the use of 92% quartz powder plus other materials synthetic stone. Because it is synthetic, in the case of reliable technology, its hardness, water absorption and other data should be better than any natural stone.

Artificial stone can be artificially in the stone surface to add a lot of coating to prevent the infiltration of impurities and corrosion. So artificial stone, whether in life, or the maintenance of the late than the natural stone is better.

Artificial stone also has the advantage of a pattern of controllability. Because it is man-made stone, so every piece of stone patterns and colors are man-made control, and can guarantee that each piece is the same. But by contrast, marble and granite will be more trouble. They are naturally formed, each stone pattern is not the same, so when the choice of natural stone, can not just look at the sample, but to see the whole stone.

At present, with the progress of technology, man-made stone patterns and colors are more and more, so I believe that in the future, man-made stone can also achieve a more beautiful than natural stone level.