The choice of stone curing agent

How to correctly choose stone curing agent?
1. Stone curing agent product classification
(1), from the appearance can be divided into water-based curing agent and solvent curing agent;
(2), from the efficacy can be divided into the waterproof, anti-fouling, alkali resistance, good, hard to type;
(3), from the chemical composition can be divided into inorganic silicon, organic silicon, organic fluorine, organic fluorine and silicon, silicon a crylic-acid class (organic silicon and propylene acid copolymerization of some compounds, such products can prevent certain water without affecting the bond strength), dilute acid c class (this kind of product can strengthen the stone and cement bond strength, help to waterproof, can assist other stone curing agent reach certain functions).
(4), in effect can be divided into pure waterproof waterproof, waterproof and oil resistant, alkali resistant;
(5), on the basis of this, and grace, fast drying, slow dry, fast curing, slow curing reaction, etc.;
(6), from the form can be divided into solid, colorless transparent liquid, white emulsion, cream, etc;
(7), a special classification (category) according to the requirements of the construction in a dry stone on the construction of stone curing agent;
In wet stone on the construction of stone curing agent;
To prevent the regeneration of water stone curing agent (only when stone refurbished);
Add hard: some stone curing agent in addition to the waterproof, and increases the function of hard, make it as hard as the original, stone material especially in soft plate, the broken plate and pulverization processing.