Stone cleaning and nursing in property management

Stone cleaning and nursing in property management

Modern property management involves a lot of areas and content, this article only on the property management of stone cleaning and conservation aspects of the exchange with the industry. In addition to the architectural framework, the interior and exterior decoration on the use of more materials are stone, ceramics, man-made sheet, aluminum-plastic sheet, glass products, and so on. On the decorative stone, the general use of:


Facing stone: mainly for a variety of colors, patterns, different specifications of the natural granite, marble, stone and artificial stone, including composite materials, terrazzo, etc., varieties of foreign imports and domestic, a wide range.

Wall stone: mainly used in the building group of internal and external walls, different specifications, such as the external walls with mushroom stone, wall stone, cultural stone, curtain wall dry stone, natural type, complex and basic use of different specifications stone.

Paving stone: indoor and outdoor, parks, sidewalks of natural stone products, semi-finished products and blocks of stone and so on.

Decorative stone: such as murals, mosaics, curtains, stone, stone, stone, stone, stone, stone, stone, stone, stone, stone, stone, stone

Living stone: such as stone furniture, stove stone, bathroom platen, table and so on.

Art stone: building hall, conference room, corridor, exhibition hall and other stone, art carving products, such as celebrity statues, birds and beasts, plankton statues, stone, arch stone, Zhiming stone.

Environmental landscaping stone: This type of stone is also known as "environmental stone", such as curb stone, car stone, stone steps, parquet, screen stone, pots of stone, drinking water stone, stone pillars, stone bench, stone tables.

Electrical stone: a variety of different specifications of the insulation board, switch board, lampholders, stone and so on.

General high-grade building decoration, stone consumption of about 30-40% of the total decorative materials, visible decorative stone in the property management occupies a large share of how the property in the decorative stone to maintain its "youth often" is the property management An important job. As we all know, any time to use the goods will inevitably decline according to a certain rate of aging, so that old, not to mention the natural stone in the outdoor by the atmosphere of the sun, the impact of wind and rain, especially environmental pollution to fade, weathering, uneven surface, More is due to the quality of stone and the construction of the latter part of the maintenance of the reasons, coupled with the production process is not for surface care, and therefore has been built in the building decoration stone often seen rust, yellowing, pan-base, , Stains,effloresence , moss and other diseases, seriously affect the appearance of stone patterns, color and luster, so that the decorative effect is much less. In order to eliminate the stone in the decoration of the disease must be processed in the stone before the surface treatment and decoration after the care, so that youth forever, which is the future development trend of the stone industry. For property management, mainly after the stone decoration of the care, now more mature and commonly used technology comes down to: cleaning, care, coloring, light and grinding, bonding, repair, reinforcement and so on. These applicable technologies in different ways to stone before and after treatment, can achieve colorful, high gloss, durable purpose.