Quartz sand filters simple blowdown ability is more powerful

Quartz sand filter (sand filter for short) is as the name suggests is fillers quartz sand filter, quartz sand filter for water pretreatment of the equipment, as well as mineral water, he primarily through the filter to sediment, gel, interception of metal ions, as well as organic compounds, adsorption. In purification water processing and sewage processing common, because its no pollution, price low, run cost low, so application compared widely, common of filter device has stainless steel 304 material, carbon steel quality, general internal used ring oxygen or lining rubber anti-corrosion processing, cloth water system Shang cloth water common has trumpet cloth water, hanging basket cloth water, Xia cloth water has flat cloth water, dome shaped Board cloth water, stainless steel tube type cloth water, cloth water water CAP has ABS mushroom head and stainless steel cylindrical shaped around silk water Cap cloth water, because to consider to quartz sand filter device of anti-wash, So the general flow of flux of water usually runs about three times.